What matters most to you?

I like music. I’m not an expert in any genre but, as someone who grew up when The Beatles and Rolling Stones were pushing back the barriers that rock’n’roll had already turned over, when Bowie and Bolan were tearing new paths in popular culture, I just have to like music.

I like all sorts of music – looking at me, you may not think I’d enjoy dance music but I do (some of it) and am saddened by the early death of Avicii. At 28 years old he’d achieved a huge amount and his music has helped keep me alert many times on those late night car journeys home from comedy gigs. On his website he said “We all reach a point … where we understand what matters most to us. For me it’s creating music. That is what I live for, what I feel I was born to do”.

Anyone, of any age, who knows what makes them happy inside – what stirs them, what drives them on –  is very lucky. I spent over 40 years in an I.T. career I didn’t enjoy at the beginning and hated at the end – to the point where I’d regularly throw up before setting out to work.

Only when redundancy gave me time to investigate “what makes me happy about me” did I discover that I could make people laugh. Now in my 60’s, I’m unlikely to ‘achieve’ a great deal – I’m not going to be on TV or even making a living from performing – but nothing makes me happier than getting that first laugh when I’m gigging, or seeing lots of regular audience members return to the shows I run. I might have taken a while but I’ve found “what I feel I was born to do”. 

Make that your mission in 2018 and beyond. No-one knows how long they have on this earth, so make the most of your passion for music, comedy, art or even I.T !